Friday, 13 September 2013

Fish scales

Anyone else have strange conversations like this?

Me: 'How do you feel about school now compared to the day before you started?'
Max: 'On a scale of?'
Me: 'One to ten.'
Max: 'No, I mean a fish.'
Me: 'What?'
Max: 'Tunafish is the best, cod is in the middle and salmon is the worst.'
Me: (beginning to catch on to the Max logic): 'Ok, which fish do you feel now?'
Max: 'Cod.'
Me: 'And which fish did you feel before you started?'
Max: 'Salmon.'
Me: 'And what would make it tuna fish?'
Max:'If Mrs #*#€¥ was sacked.'

I do love my boy and am so proud of him for tackling his first week in his new school without 1. losing anything and 2. losing himself.

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