Friday, 12 July 2013

'MUUM, will you tell him!'

It seems that whilst I cook and clean for my children, I now need to speak for them as well.

It's called the 'MUUUM, will you tell him!' syndrome.

This syndrome renders the child speechless as soon as they have uttered the phrase. Consequently, anything that they wish to say to their sibling, in particular pointing out something that they deem as unsuitable behaviour, you will have to say for them.

It can be shouted at any moment, but more usually it is yelled at the most inappropriate moments. Often when you are cooking the dinner or trying to leave the house on time.

If you fail to speak for your child, they will be forced to use their body language to communicate with their sibling, namely through punching, kicking or other violent means.

There is no cure for this syndrome, but the hope is that as maturity progresses, the child will grow out of it.

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