Monday, 15 July 2013

A Proper British Heatwave

We're all meant to love it.

"We can't complain," everyone mutters to each other, wishing that really, we could complain. But we're so British and the truth is that whilst we're all busy saying how delightful this weather is, our lives aren't set up for heat like this and we all find it a bit tiring.

Of course, teenagers will love it. I did too when I had nothing to do other than lounging around listening to music and reading books.

But when you actually have to go to work in a stuffy office or (like me) dance around with pom poms singing at the top of your voice, it's really rather wearying. And when you have to drag hot, tired children home from school who then eat you out of ice pops and have proper water fights (take the word 'fight' literally) complete with screaming, it makes you want to climb into the chest freezer and never return.

In hot countries they have lovely things like air conditioned homes (or at least a fan on the ceiling) and siestas. Here, we work up a sweat in the hottest part of the day, continuing to hurry our crazily busy lives along.

Still, we can't complain. At least everything in our house has been washed, maybe even twice, and hung out to dry. And we're all donning a lovely brown suntan (oops, we're not meant to like that one either but secretly we do). And my cucumbers, courgettes and tomatoes are enjoying the sunshine.

We'd better make the most of it. It will probably rain for the six weeks of the summer holidays, like a proper British summer.

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