Sunday, 30 June 2013

Dear Nerf

Dear Nerf,

I am sure that you are very proud of your products and, indeed, many boys and young men enjoy the high quality nature of them.

Please spare a thought, however, for the mothers of your product users.

Not only are we ambushed from every vantage point in our home, but we also have to become expert war negotiators when smaller siblings are shot without warning. Nerf bullets collect in every corner of our houses, leading to difficulties in cleaning. Stairs become particularly dangerous to climb without becoming a target. We have to endure lengthy war tactics discussions and prolonged lectures on the benefits of each particular nerf product, often looking them up on the Internet whilst attempting to prevent out eyes from glazing over. If we take the guns and other paraphernalia out anywhere we have to spend a large proportion of our time searching for bullets to prevent grumpiness on the way home. And if we are accidentally 'shot', we are then the subject of much laughter.

Perhaps you could include a guide for parents with a health warning (WARNING -THESE PRODUCTS MAY INCREASE INSANITY IN PARENTS) with each product, just so that we are aware of the risks before purchase.

I would be most grateful if you would consider my suggestion.

From a war-weary Mother.


Athol Few said...

On the otherhand joining in is way cool especially if you clearly have the biggest with the most bullets.

Nothing better than ambushing them or using the nerf gun as a way to change the focus of attach when they are fighting - they will quickly abandon the fight with the sibling to attack Mum/Dad.

But make sure you have the big one with the biggest magazine

slave2boys said...

Ha ha! Love it Athol!