Wednesday, 29 May 2013

My Camping Lessons

Reflecting on our weekend of camping, these are some of the things I learnt. (Other, more important ones, will follow in another blog.)

1. Spaghetti is not a great camping food. Not only does it take ages to eat, and therefore becomes cold quickly, but it is also very messy when you can't reach the table properly.

2. Night-time in the month of May is extremely cold. Shivering in my sleeping bag with my six layers of clothes on, I did not sleep at all for the first night.

3. Jonah talks in his sleep, a lot.

4. You can never have too many cakes. The fresh air just requires them.

5. Anti-bacterial hand gel does not make little hands look clean.

6. If they are deep enough, you can actually skim stones in puddles.

7. Teenagers do not care about the weather, be it freezing cold or soaking wet. Even if they have the correct clothing, they will not wear it.

8. Unzipping a tent first thing in the morning to clear blue skies and warmth is one of the most beautiful sights in the world.

9. Listening to conversations in other tents proves extremely interesting.

10. The sound of rain on the tent when you are inside, snug and warm, is a comforting sound. Having to get out of bed and face said rain, is not comforting.

11. If I tie my hair back well enough, I can actually get away without brushing it properly for days.

12. Wellies are my footwear heroes. I could not live without them.

What a fabulous weekend we have had. More thoughts to follow when I have had time to process them properly. First of all, I need a good night's sleep in a warm, soft bed.

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