Saturday, 4 May 2013

"Dear Mr Gove" - A chip off the old block...

Today's Guest Blog is written by Toby. I couldn't resist sharing it, and you will understand why when you've read it! He had a piece of persuasive writing to do for school, and they wrote a mock letter to Michael Gove. Enjoy!

Dear Mr Gove,

I am writing to argue against your ludicrous proposal to decrease school holidays. After considering both sides, I have many strong reasons to inform you of.

Firstly, you would say that decreasing the school holidays would increase learning and education, however I disagree. It would increase tiredness which can decrease productivity and tiredness is scientifically proven to make you ill so no-one would be at school anyway. Are you really helping education?

Surely you would agree that decreasing school holidays will cause strike from both teachers and children. Numerous people have complained. Are you blind? I'm sure that you know that strike from teachers will cause less education and pupils will also strike.

Although you state that many countries already use this system, Christine Blower from the union of teachers states "Teachers and pupils already spend longer hours in the classroom than most countries," therefore we do not need to make the change.

Many argue that some of the best schools in the UK have already adapted to this, however St John's Middle School has outstanding ofsted being one of the UK's best schools and has the normal hours. This clearly shows that the hours are fine.

Many say that it will be beneficial for parents who would have more time on their hands, however I strongly disagree. Have you ever heard of family time? 95% of parents enjoy spending time with their children over the holidays, otherwise why would they have children?

To conclude, I wholeheartedly hope that you consider my proposal and urgently change your mind. Is this for you or for the children?

Yours sincerely

Toby M Hodgson

Funny eh? Oh and watch this space for a Bad Mother Blog of the worst kind..... Once I can emotionally recover from today's antics I will blog about them....

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