Thursday, 23 May 2013

Martha v Mary

"Come and sit with me a while,"
I sigh to myself, thinking of all the things I had to accomplish that day.
"Just come." He called. "Come and sit."
How can I just sit? Does he not realise that there are so many jobs to get done?
"Sit. Wait. Enjoy." He called again.
Enjoy? How can I enjoy sitting still when my mind is racing with to do lists?
Ha! Chance would be a fine thing! Rest? With my life? I'm lucky if I get chance to sit down through a whole mealtime!
"Just come and listen to me. Hear my voice."
Can't I do that whilst I'm cleaning the toilet? Why do I need to sit down for that?
"Be refreshed."
Well, it does feel like I'm running on empty. But there are so many things to do. How would I fit it all in if I just sat there?
"In my strength. Not yours."
How will I concentrate on your words though, when my brain is buzzing with so much 'stuff'?
"Know my truth. It will set you free. All you need to do is BE, not DO. I will give you all you need for the 'doing'."
So, I sit. I sit at His feet. I drink in His presence, His words of love and His refreshing. How did I think I could do it all on my own anyway? What kind of superwoman did I think I was? In the stillness, I am given all I need. He is my portion. He is all I need. He is enough for me. I fill up on Him until I am ready for my list again.

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