Thursday, 9 May 2013


This morning I took my hop-along to the fracture clinic. Having fallen off his scooter 10 days ago and been in a plaster cast for six days (yes, I know, don't make me re-live that bad mother moment), we were hoping to hear some news on how long he might be recuperating for. His long-awaited school trip to Paris is in two weeks time so concerns were high.

We had prayed for Toby at the weekend and during this week. We laid hands on him and prayed, asking God to speed up the healing process so that he could go to Paris.

After waiting for two hours (I'm not entirely sure why they bother giving appointment times) we saw a Doctor who showed us the X-ray. He pointed out where it was broken (metatarsal bone for those of you interested). He then took the cast off and had a feel of Toby's foot.

"Tell me when it hurts", he said as he prodded Toby's foot. Toby was silent. "Does this hurt?" the Doctor asked.
"How about this?"
"Ok, why don't you stand up and have a walk around."
Toby stood up and, for the first time in 6 days he walked on his foot.
"Where do you feel the pain when you walk?"
"I don't!" replied Toby!

The Doctor looked baffled as Toby sat back down. He looked from the X-day, showing the broken bone, to Toby's foot.

"Well, it is healing up remarkably quickly!" he said.

I smiled to myself. I knew why.

So, Toby has a 'boot' on his foot to give him support, he can go to Paris in two weeks time, and he's been discharged from the hospital!

I'm happy for you to tell me this is coincidence, but I believe Someone far greater has been at work here.

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