Friday, 24 May 2013

A snapshot of my week

I spent a long time whistling with Max. We whistled tunes. We tried to hum in tune and whistle at the same time (impossible, we decided). We worked out whether high notes or low notes were easiest to whistle (I thought low, Max thought high). We whistled whilst breathing in.

I overheard Jonah giggling in bed, and then saying to himself "Wow, did you hear that? What a fart!"

I checked my Twitter feed hundreds of times to make sure that there had been no bombs or other nasty things in Paris.

I lost several times in Uno. Jonah is the Uno champion in our family. I don't quite know how he does it, but he's really very good. I think he uses his cuteness to charm us into letting him win.

I enjoyed spending time with a poorly Max (I know, I'm a terrible mother, but I actually quite like them when they are poorly) and we played games, made up songs and ate spaghetti hoops. The spaghetti hoops actually brought on a spontaneous hug from Max, so they might become a more regular fixture in my weekly food shop.

Toby phoned me and didn't tell me the things I wanted to know, like whether he was eating enough fruit and having enough sleep. Instead he told me that he had bought three cap guns and a penknife (I'm pretty sure that's not allowed), that he had taken photographs of Parisian graffiti for Max and that he had been on a scary roller coaster six times.

Just for a short while our evenings were ours again. With Toby away and Max in bed early because of his germs, we had an extra few hours in the evenings. Very strange.

Jonah wondered if he would lose his voice if his wobbly tooth fell out. I wished so very much it was true.

I was amazed, yet again, at just how much we need to take for a camping trip, and at just how brilliant my husband is at pulling it all together and packing it in the car. I honestly would not be able to fit that much stuff in one car. He really is an expert.

I eavesdropped on Max giving Jonah tips to trick me into carrying his school bags home from school for him. And I realised that these tricks actually work.

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