Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Jonah's Jokes

Thought you might want a laugh.....

Why does a kangaroo jump up the tree?
Because it wanted to have something to eat.

Why does a monkey hang on a tree?
Because it wanted to get more energy.

Why does a man cross the road?
Because he wanted to smash his head on the ground.

Why does a sheep cross the road?
Because it wanted to get its wool off grandad.

Why does a kindle cross the road?
On the other side is some energy so it can walk properly.

What do you call a kangaroo with ears on its bum?
Kangaroo bum.

What do you call a leopard with horns on it's back?
Leopard horn leopard.

What do you call a sofa with spikes on the back?
A Gruffalo sofa

Knock knock
Who's there?
Me sir, I'm hurt by a bow and arrow.
Sit on this bench before you hurt yourself.

There were 5 people and they were walking across the road and it was raining and they had to get to their house quickly before it stopped raining. How did one person not get rain on its head?
Because it was bald.

Why did a baby shave its hair?
Because it was too long.

There was a man and he was carrying sand on his back and he worked out that he could find something to put in the sack of sand that was lighter. What did he put in? A hole.

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