Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Baker Boyz

My boys take after their Dad in so many aspects. But their entrepreneurial spirit is most definitely one of the strongest. Constantly dreaming up new plans, we have conversation after conversation about the next invention or the next business plan that will take the world by storm. Mostly, I just live with it. I'm used to the dreaming now, and I think dreaming is a good thing if accompanied by action.

For months they have been trying to think up ways of earning extra money. Toby and Max are both saving up for larger, expensive items which will take a very long time to save for on the meagre pocket money rations given by us measly parents. The latest idea is probably one of their better ones and, dare I say it, it might even work for them.

Encouraged by their love of baking (and actually, they are quite good at it), they have decided to make cookies and sell them. They have had a business meeting and worked out all the costs involved, which they will give to me out of their earnings. They have come up with a name for their business too. Baker Boyz have today had their first order from a local cafe. The cafe owner was rather skeptical, I'll admit, but was persuaded by my salesman of a husband (he has SO many talents, that man) to give it a try. I think the fact that they are children has helped their cause. So, the boys will be making cookies for the cafe to try and sell. The cafe will give the boys 50p for each biscuit sold. If they go down well, they will have repeat orders. Not bad, for a first business attempt.

My role in it all will be making sure they don't fight and argue while baking, and ensuring that they clean up my kitchen afterwards. I think the cleaning up will be harder than the selling....

I'll keep you posted on their progess but if anyone wants any cookies, you know where to find us!

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