Sunday, 10 March 2013

A Child's Love

Mothers Day is always so funny. They try so very hard to be loving and kind, and not to fight with each other for a whole day (this one is impossible). What warms my heart the most though, is the way they show me their love.

Forget about extravagant bouquets of flowers and expensive chocolates and perfumes. I'm not interested in them anyway (which is a good job, really). The things I love are the homemade presents and cards. The words written in neatest handwriting with the funny spelling mistakes and the heartfelt half hugs (Max has perfected the art of hugging without using his arms, but it takes a lot of courage for him to hug me so they are always special, even without arms) are the precious things that I will remember.

My boys show their love by sharing with me the things that are important to them, which is why when they took me to KFC for lunch, I pretended to be very pleased. When Max gave me a £1 coin taped to a piece of paper wrapped up in another piece of paper, I smiled with gratitude. When Jonah drew a picture of me, complete with flicking out hair, I hugged him. When Max was excited for me that it was snowing on Mothers Day, I was excited with him (even though I hate the snow). But when Toby enthusiastically suggested making me a 'Mothers Day volcano' in the garden complete with coke bottle and mints, I had to explain that it might not be my idea of the best present.

When we can realise that our children show their love to us in these ways then the scribbled pictures, the drooping daisies from the garden and the dinosaurs wrapped in scrunched up paper surrounded by sticky tape take on a whole new meaning. They might never say the words "I love you" but they are showing us their love by sharing with us the things they love. It is a wonderful feeling. And one day the gifts of stones, shells, pirate patches and elastic bands will cease. I want to enjoy them while I still have them.

Happy Mothers Day to all those mums out there. You work hard and sacrificially, but it is all worth it. You are doing a job that no-one else has been entrusted with - raising your children. Enjoy their love today.

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