Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Screen Mania

We were very privileged to be given a family iPad for Christmas. It really is a wonderful invention and very useful too. However, it has brought with it a new battle for the screens.

Even before we get through the front door after school, they are arguing over who will have a turn on it first. And how long each person will have for their turn seems to be of utmost importance.

And I am not a screen fan. They have their uses, and I admit to using them for my own selfish peace and quiet, but I really don't like the screen addiction that seeps it's sneaky way into our family life. Games don't seem to have a recognisable finishing point, so there is always the "I just need to do this bit" excuse. And even if they do have a proper good old fashioned finish, there is always another level to complete to collect the gold coins. They just seem to call from afar, constantly. And my boys have ears to hear them.

This time of year is the hardest too. They haven't had a proper play in the garden for months and they are bored with everything in the house. I begin to worry that they will lose their love of the outdoors and become chained inside to screens forevermore. I fear that their imaginations will be lost in the world of Minecraft and they will never make up another game themselves again. I worry that my energetic bundles of joy will turn into staring, stationary zombies. I wonder if they have left their ability to play in the temple of Temple Run.

I feel like I am continually battling against the lure of the screen. Contrary to the boy's opinion of me, I am not anti-screen. I just want my creative, energetic boys back. There, I admitted it. I like their energy (sometimes). I have no idea how to retrieve my boys back from the pit of screen mania, but I will work on a plan and if anyone out there has any ideas then I'd love to hear them.

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