Tuesday, 12 February 2013

My little boy

There are some days when I really could burst with love for my boys and today it was my littlest boy's turn. Not for the whole day, of course. We had to go through the daily after school ritual of ordering me around like a Master orders his slave ("Mum, will you get me what I want?"..... Red rag to this mummy bull).

After this small daily blip though, we were off for swimming lessons. Normally I don't enjoy taking them for swimming lessons. The poolside is like a sauna and I spend half an hour pretending to watch all 3 boys in different swimming pools, giving them a thumbs up so they think I'm watching them all the time. Today, however, was different.

My little boy beamed all through his lesson. Whenever he caught me watching him, he grinned a smile at me so wide that I wondered how his face didn't split in half. In fact, he was so busy beaming at me that he zig zagged across the pool, crashing into other children, because he was watching me instead of where he was going. Sometimes, before he made another (usually unsuccessful) splashy attempt to make his way across the pool, he would look in my direction first to check I was watching. He was so proud of himself. His cute little legs kicking out of the water just made me feel like kissing him all over. He wouldn't have appreciated that, though.

He won't have cute little legs one day, and even if he does he certainly won't want his mother telling him they are cute. So, I make the most of these moments while I can. Will he always be my little boy, even when he is taller than me?

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