Sunday, 24 February 2013


No, I'm not losing mine. Not today, anyway. My boys have finally discovered how much fun can be had with the small glass balls. Not only that, but Jared and I have rediscovered all those old playground games that we spent hours playing whilst scratching around in the dirt. This has then been followed by remembering the language that came with the games of marbles.

Frenchies, cats eyes, spotted dicks, dobbers and steelies are names of different types of marbles we've giggled over the last few days. Playing keepsies or friendlies have been explained. (Keepsies are not a good idea, we have discovered, when you are playing against brothers). All the different games that were hidden away in our memories have come flooding back to us.

Lots of wholesome fun has been had by all (and this, of course, makes me feel like a great mum - they haven't even asked for a screen today!).

What are your marble memories? What names did you give to them?

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