Sunday, 10 February 2013

Les Mis...

So, tonight was my first viewing of Les Mis.

I guess the clue is in the title and I shouldn't have expected a bundle of laughs. But what I didn't expect was the intensity of emotion and the tension of the drama. Yes, the truth of grace was evident and the power of love to overturn the forces of hatred was beautifully presented. The theme of our ultimate freedom being found in God's love and grace was powerful. The truth that justice is found in love was clear.


Call me uncultured or uncouth. Tell me I'm a romantic if you like. I didn't like the ending.

Throughout the whole film I felt trapped in a world I couldn't escape from. Had I been reading it in a book, I would have put it down and had a breather, but the enormous screen in front of me assaulted me and drew me in with images that were just too dreadful to imagine let alone watch. One devastating horror after another unfolded before my eyes. It was unbearably bleak.

And the ending? It was powerful, I'll admit, as Jean Valjean finally entered his new world of freedom and grace. But in my ending, Javer would not have died when he threw himself into the swirling waters. Washed up on a shore somewhere, pale and lifeless, he would have been discovered by Jean Valjean who would have rescued him, cared for him and breathed life back into him. Javer would then have seen the error of his ways and lived a life that accepted the grace he was shown. Jean Valjean need not have died when he did and could have watched Cosette and Marius be married and have children. He could have been a grandfather before the need for going Home.

Yes, it's cheesy, but it's how I can bear with the rest of the tragedy of the film. I'm pretty sure I'll be virtually flogged for such a transgression.....

The Morning After the Night Before

Having now attempted to sleep, but been kept awake by horrific images all night, I feel slightly better about the ending of the tragedy. I can see that Jean Valjean was vindicated and despite the fact that Javer died, I feel more at peace with it. My cosy little life does not witness such tragic scenes on a daily basis, but some lives do. And those are the lives that need freedom. To have those injustices forced in my face has opened my eyes once again to those around me who don't know the meaning of grace and have never been shown any.

I'm not sure I could watch it again, but it will definitely not be a forgotten film.

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