Friday, 4 January 2013

Big it up for the Boys

Having spent the last 2 weeks with my boys (and not enough time away from them), I am in a pretty good postition to list the merits of boys. Boys get alot of bad press, but they do have some really great qualities which need to be championed. We all know they are noisy, boisterous, full of energy and attracted to dirt. But, do we know these other wonderful things about boys?

1. When boys walk through automatic doors in shops, they can use 'the force' to open them. If they can't use 'the force' they can use their 'ghost hand'. If they haven't got a ghost hand, a ninja kick does the trick perfectly.

2. Boys laugh out loud at all the things we would like to laugh about but are too socially aware to laugh about.

3. When you drive over a large hump in the road, try driving fast and shouting "hold on to your willies boys" and enjoy the reaction.

4. Boys are loving and caring. They may squeeze the poo out of a worm, but they will always enjoy giving you a hug afterwards.

5. Competition, whilst sometimes seen as a negative trait, can be used to their advantage. Jonah has most definitely the loudest voice in the family. It has taken 5 years of shouting training, but he can now beat his brothers hands down.

6. When given a situation in which to exhibit their strength, boys can be extremely willing and can almost reach the dizzy heights of the world's strongest man. If there is a girl watching, their strength increases even more.

7. Boys are so much fun. They take silly risks, but laugh at themselves when they get it wrong. Unless their younger brothers are laughing at them too. If that is the case, abort the laughter at top speed.

8. If a boy has a small injury, for example a grazed knee, it can be transformed very quickly into a war wound. Boys take great delight in their war wounds and have even been known to have injury competitions with one another.

9. Boys are actually thoughtful. They may not come across as thoughtful, but if you look beyond the silliness you will actually see that they are showing you their love. For example, Max enjoys reading jokes to me from his joke book. I am not especially interested in bad jokes, but by sharing the things he loves with me, he is sharing his love with me. So, I give him time and listen to his terrible jokes and try to smile even if I can't bring myself to laugh.

10. Boys make me smile. Alot.

11. If there is a superhero around, a boy will always want to be them. This can be used to great advantage.

12. Last but certainly not least, if a boy wants to tell you something important, he will just tell you. He will not beat about the bush and try to be tactful. "Dad, your head is more bald today" or "Mum, your tummy is like a trampoline". He will tell you it straight. I like this, even if I don't like what he is saying.

And so as I begin this new year, I want to find more positive things about my boys. Being the mum of my boys is exhausting and feels like a neverending energy drain sometimes, but I will have them at home for such a short time. I want them to know I am for them. It's time to big it up for the boys.

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