Wednesday, 23 January 2013


"Muuum! I've got nothing to do!!"

This is repeated over and over in my house. Somehow I am expected to magically come up with exciting ways to entertain my children throughout the day, and sometimes the night. The problem is, whatever suggestion I make is never the right one. So, I have now given up making suggestions. Oh yes, I've tried the good old 'put lots of ideas in a pot and when they are bored they can pick one out' idea. They never want to do the idea they've picked out either. So, I have now begun a new tactic.

Jonah: "Muuum! There's nothing to do!"
Me: "Oh dear, you'd better do nothing then."
Jonah:"No, but what can I do?"
Me: "Well, if there's nothing to do, you'd better do nothing."
Jonah: "But you've always got ideas. You must have an idea."
Me: "Well, if there is nothing to do then I have no ideas."

I continued with making the tea while Jonah howled for 20 minutes, before running off up to his bedroom to draw some pictures.

Nope, he's absolutely right. There's never anything to do.

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