Wednesday, 24 October 2012

You Learn Something New Every Day

These are the things I've learnt today:

1. Despite all previous evidence to the contrary, Max is actually able to get up and get dressed in the morning without a crane to lift him out of bed and a repeat alarm shouting "Get dressed, Max, get dressed!"

2. Nursery staff have to wear plastic gloves to wipe children's noses. Yes, this shocked me. I'd never been in a nursery until this term when I began visiting them with my job. I was so surprised at the funny sight that I did a double take.

3. Jonah doesn't know as much about the world around him as I assumed. Today, he asked how people's arms break. How do they break right off? Do their mums have to carry the arms for them?

4. Nerf bullets are faster than spiders.

5. I am becoming more like my big sister in her revulsion of public toilets. The one in the library today was so terrible that even I couldn't use it. And, living with one for most of the time, I am usually fairly accepting of dirty toilets.

6. Having spent the day with some little girls who cry alot, I am actually very glad to only have boys. Boys may punch each other, but they don't cry when the tiny corner of their name sticker is ripped.

7. Toby is such a stickler for plans that, even though he is desperate to read the new books he had for his birthday, he has to finish off the library book he is reading first. His own rules, not mine.

8. I can achieve alot more in one day than I ever imagined.

9. According to Max, it's nearly Spring.

10. It is possible for two boys to sit in the same room without adult supervision and read their own books without throwing anything at each other or breaking into a fight.

So, there you have it. Now you've learnt something new too.

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