Saturday, 6 October 2012


We did a useful, wholesome activity today. I have to confess I did not invent this activity myself, but stole it from another blog. It was such a good idea that I couldn't resist.

The tale telling, fighting and downright selfish attitudes are eating holes in our family life like woodworm in a beautiful old wooden cabinet. They are spoiling us. So, I decided to combat this by having a time of encouraging one another and celebrating each other. I bought a tub of yummy Celebrations to encourage the encouragements along.

We each had to write down (or draw) something we liked about another person in the family. Then we read it out to them and shared some Celebrations - one for the person who did the encouraging and one for the encouraged one. Apart from the odd hitch "I don't like Jonah because he's annoying", it went down fairly well. I'm sure the selfishness will continue, but it was lovely for just a few moments to hear everyone speaking kind words about each other.

Why not give it a try in your own family? Children will do anything for chocolate....

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