Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Last Week..... Anyone need ideas?

And here we are, entering the last week of the holidays. Phew. Nearly made it.

If, like me, you have run out of ideas and can't even bring yourself to answer the "Muuuuuum, I'm boooooored" cries, here are a list of things we have up in our kitchen. When any of them tell me they are bored, I point them towards the list. If they can't find anything to do on said list, I give them a job around the house to occupy them with! You may wish to ignore the list - feel free, I won't know!

-Bike ride around the block
-Play with lego
-Play with magnets
-Jump on trampoline
-Make mud pies
-Junk modelling
-Jigsaw puzzle
-Make your own jigsaw puzzle
-Create list of inventions
-Choose one invention to make
-Play football
-Play frisbee
-Garden games
-Make a book
-Make a kite
-Make a treasure hunt
-Collect snails and race them
-Hunt for frogs
-Make an obstacle course
-Make a den (inside or outside)
-Make up a song and film it
-Borrow a camera and be a photographer. Print out the photos and stick them in a book
-Collect worms and make a worm house
-Make a cartoon storyboard
-Make a giant outdoor sculpture
-Have a tea party - make cakes/biscuits. Decorate the table.

Enjoy your last week (and the week after!)!

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