Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Real Tales

Mum, Toby keeps coming in my room.
Mum, Jonah has messed up my puzzle.
Mum, Toby keeps shooting me with his nerf gun.
Mum, Max is in my room and I want him out NOW.
Mum, Jonah keeps trying to sit where I'm sitting.
Mum, Jonah keeps kicking me.
Mum, Toby is ANNOYING me.
Mum, Max strangled me.
Mum, Jonah keeps taking all the magnets.
Mum, Max is whipping me.
Mum, Jonah weed on me.
Mum, Toby put water all over me.
Mum, Tell Jonah to stop pulling my penis.
Mum, Jonah is shouting loudly and I can't hear the telly.
Mum, Toby keeps teasing me.
Mum, Tell Max to get out of my room NOW.
Mum, Toby stamped on my head.
Mum, Jonah said a rude word.
Mum, Jonah threw a pillow at me.
Mum, Max is on my bike and I want him off.
Mum, Toby gave me a nipple twist.
Mum, Max punched me.
Mum, Jonah just drew all over my picture.
Mum, Get Max out of my room NOW.
Mum, I've tidied up my mess but Max won't tidy up his.
Mum, Toby put my arm right behind me.
Mum, Jonah licked me.
Mum, Jonah wiped his snotty tissue in my face.

Is it a wonder I am sat with my hands over my ears, desperately waiting for next week to come?

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