Saturday, 23 June 2012

Saturday Sighs

Saturday, the great 'day of rest' has arrived. With one boy away on a school residential trip, the house managed to actually sleep in until 7:40am. A breakthrough of a lie in for a Saturday.

After their eyes twinkled with delight and mischief as Jared gave them sweets at breakfast (sweetie day is Friday, and they know it's naughty to eat them!), they piled out into the garden.

Frog hunting season has begun again in our garden. If you are unfamiliar with the frog hunting rituals, see my old post about it from a couple of years ago. Yesterday, a frog was caught (just the one, I think the record is nine) and so today they are busying themselves with creating a Frog Theme Park. This theme park is so far complete with waterfall and forest. The frogs are just not going to know their luck at being captured and forced into such a place of wonder and delight.

Jonah, of course, can't concentrate on the important matter of theme park building for too long so his involvement in the creation is interspersed with quick bounces on the trampoline whilst singing that well known song, extremely loudly.

"Old Macdonald had a wee. Wee, wee, wee, wee, poo.
And on that farm he had a poo. Wee, wee, wee, wee, poo.
With a poo, poo here and a poo, poo there.
Here a poo, there a poo, everywhere a wee, wee.
Old Macdonald had a wee. Wee, wee, wee, wee, poo."

I know, you can just tell why our neighbours love us so much. What a sweet little angelic boy he is.

I look out of the kitchen window to check on their progress, but discover I can't see out of it. It is soaked in water. Surely it hasn't started raining in the last ten minutes. My heart plummets as I realise that no, it hasn't begun raining. Max has the supersoaker out. And my two loads of washing were almost dry. Oh the frustration.

Anyone else out there have Saturdays like this? Or is it just me who protects my almost dry washing with all the force of a viking warrior?

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