Monday, 21 May 2012

Last Chance Saloon

It always makes us chuckle when we hear our children repeating back to us the ultimatums and phrases we have used on them. If nothing else, it shows they were listening.

Jonah. Oh I do feel sorry for him. He tries every trick in the book, without realising we have seen it twice before already. In his mind, he has thought up a new way to manipulate us and is always rather pleased with himself. We just giggle quietly to ourselves whilst reminding him who is actually in charge around here.

His latest idea is to give us a 'last chance'. (Do I really say that? I don't remember giving him last chances...)

Picture the scene. Three hour journey, travelling home at night after a long (but lovely) day out, with three boys squished into the back of the car. My clearly ridiculous expectations were that Jonah would sleep most of the journey home (and being honest, I was hoping the other two might sleep too). My expectations were not met. Not even slightly. Several sherbert dips, dip dabs and bag fulls of sweets later, he was wired and definitely not going to sleep.

Every 5 minutes or so, for the whole journey, he asked me what he could do. "Muuuuuuum," he whined, "What can I doooooo?"
Me: "Go to sleep."

This conversation repeated itself over and over again with different variations for the whole three hours. Sometimes I told him to snuggle up with his doggy, bobby (muslin cloth) and saw (yes, really, he cuddles a plastic saw in bed). Sometimes I told him to snuggle under Daddy's jumper. Sometimes I told him to just look for stars and the moon. I tried to be as patient as possible, and that was a challenge.

Towards the end of the journey he began giving me ultimatums.

"Muuuuuuum", (Ooooh that whiney voice does nothing for my patience levels, especially at 11 'o' clock at night) "This is your last chance......Tell me something to do that isn't going to sleep."

My last chance? Jared, Toby, Max and I all had a good laugh at that one! What was he going to do exactly if I didn't comply to his specific wishes?!

My reply? "Go to sleep, Jonah."

And low and behold, 5 minutes before we arrived home, his gentle snoring began to rumble through the car......

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