Monday, 28 May 2012


Yesterday I joined with hundreds of other women and 'ran' the Race for Life. It was sweltering and, as I get hot and sweaty even when the pavements are covered with ice and snow, I knew that it would be a hard, wet slog. And it was. Still, I managed to run most of the way with only 20-30 second walking breaks a few times. I was pleased with that achievement. So pleased that I actually wore my medal all day afterwards (along with Jonah, who also wore a medal he'd received at a party the previous day).

Being new to 'running' (which, in my case really means plodding whilst breathing like the worst dodgy heavy-breather you could have down the phoneline) I had never experienced anything like the Race for Life yesterday. Usually I attempt to blend into the background whilst running, which is fairly easy because I certainly don't run at the speed of light. I try to hide away so that no-one notices me and my trail of sweat racing along behind me. Yesterday, however, there was no hiding. We were in the spotlight. I had never in my life run in front of so many onlookers before and it was a strange sensation. And they weren't laughing at me either (they were smiling, but I think that was a kind smile not a 'don't you look stupid' smile). It was a revelation to me.

These onlookers were also cheering. They were cheering me, while I ran! I never ever thought anyone would do that for me, and it took all of my self control not to burst into floods of tears full of gratitude. These people had given up their mornings to come and cheer me on. And it worked. I never realised how important the cheerers were until yesterday. They gave me determination and courage. They helped me to believe I could actually finish it.

And of course, I knew that my boys would be waiting at the finish line ready to shout me along the last few metres. This kept me going and focused. I looked out for them constantly. Then, as I rounded the last bend I heard Toby shout "MUM!!!!". I looked up and saw my boy, beaming with pride at me! Me! My boy was proud of me! I heard the rest of them then, cheering, shouting, hollering and grinning from ear to ear at their hot, sweaty, tired, plodding but determined Mum taking those last few steps to the finish line.

And that was when it dawned on me. Those people, to whom I belong, are rooting for me. Whilst the encouragement of the spectators was incredible, when I heard the voices and saw the faces of my boys it was awesome. There is nothing that could describe how I felt, seeing them watching me and hearing them shout for me. But I belong to One far greater, who is also cheering me on. How incredibly peace-filling and encouraging it is to know that the Creator of the whole universe, is watching me run my Race of Life and cheering me on. How wonderful to know that I am in His hands. As I run my race, and go through tough, dry, hot, desert like seasons or busy, manic, noisy seasons, my God is cheering me on. To know his pleasure and delight in little old me, is far greater than even seeing the pleasure and pride on my boy's faces.

He is the One whom I want to please and in whom I find ultimate pleasure. He is the One for whom my life is lived and my race is run. And when I finish my race, He is the One whose face I will see, beaming at me.

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