Friday, 2 March 2012

It's the small things...

Inspired by the facebook musings of a friend, I have been thinking recently about the little things in life that bring me pleasure. Being a 'glass half empty' person, this has been quite a revelation for me and I have had to train my mind to find the joy in small things, but find them I have. Here is my list (and if this was about my husband, just the list itself would bring much pleasure to his order-loving mind) of the small but precious things that bring a smile to my face:

1. The first time the sun warms my face after a long, cold winter.
2. Watching my boys, curled up on the sofa, noses into their favourite books.
3. The colour of Autumn.
4. Listening to children (any) singing (not the rude songs, the nice ones).
5. Discovering notes from my boys telling me that they love me.
6. Checking the boys last thing at night, listening to their peaceful snoring and watching their sleep-relaxed beautiful faces.
7. The warmth of a fire after a chilly winter's walk.
8. Seeing the suns rays piercing through the trees.
9. Holding my husband's hand.
10. Warm summer evenings, watching the sun set.
11. Escaping into a good book.
12. Dancing round the kitchen to my favourite 'teenage days' tunes.
13. A delicous meal, cooked by someone else.
14. Clambering into a bed with clean sheets.
15. Fun evenings with friends who make me laugh.
16. Watching my washing drying in the sunshine.
17. Seeing empty plates and satisfied boys after a meal.
18. Listening to the rain on the outside of a tent (not the inside - that is far from pleasant) while I am tucked up in my sleeping bag, warm and cosy.
19. Spring flowers - especially tulips.
20. A barefoot walk along the beach, feeling the sand between my toes.

I am sure there are plenty more to add to the list. It's so easy to get bogged down by the humdrum of life and not remember the things that bring us joy. Despite all the difficulties (and there are quite alot at the moment), I want to lift up my eyes and see some of the good. I want to slowly change my perspective and be grateful for the things I have. How about you? What brings joy to you?

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