Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Working From Home - Heaven or Hell?

Jared started working from home over the Christmas holidays.


I can phone through my lunch order so it is ready when I arrive home from work.
He can do odd jobs around the house in between phone calls, emails and other work-type activities.
He sees the reality of my days.
Sometimes he makes me a cup of tea.
In the school holidays I could lie in bed later because he didn't have to 'leave for work' until 9am.
He now understands how cold the house is during the daytimes.


When he tries to make a phone call, I have to attempt the impossible and keep the boys quiet.
He realises that I don't actually run around all day hoovering, washing, cleaning and being the perfect mother to my boys (sometimes I go on facebook or even, shock horror, read my book while Jonah watches the television).
When I have precious child free time in which I like to have the house to myself so I can blast my music, dance around the kitchen, bake cakes or other such indulgent activities, he is there, messing up my plans.
He actually does get under my feet - I tripped over his foot yesterday whilst trying to make the lunch.
The boys can't quite understand that he is at work, and so keep running to him to tell tales, ask questions or ask him to play with them.
When we first were married I never expected I would say this but I need some time away from him! Seeing him too much makes me annoyed with him. Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder!
My computer keeps going offline because he has his work one going at full pelt.
When I have my times with God, which I do after the school run, I can't be as loud as I used to be.
He keeps trying to put the heating on.

So far the negatives are outweighing the positives. Can anyone reassure me that these are simply teething problems or do I have to get used to this forever?!

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jared hodgson said...

I am not offended - just build a wall and shut me in there!