Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A Taste for Adventure

We are about to embark upon the biggest adventure our family has yet experienced. No, not even the scary jet boat ride we did last summer can compare to this one (although I did scream ALOT and shouted at the boys to hold on, much to their amusement).

In April next year, Jared's yearly salary will halve as he works part time in his current job and begins to build up Outdoors Unlocked, our exciting new enterprise. Staying in a comfortable, reliable (albeit stressful) job is not for us, as we really believe we are doing what our Father wants of us. Following God is not ever boring and it is about to become alot less so!

This is not just for Jared. This is for our whole family. Over the last few months, we have sat around the breakfast table together and prayed. Excitement has built as we have seen prayer after prayer answered,at exactly the right time. In the coming months, this will increase as we may have to ask God for sometimes literally our daily bread. If I am honest, part of me is terrified. Change, although it is here to stay, is never a comfortable, relaxing process. However, I know deep down that this is the right way for us to be heading and so part of me is extremely excited about the answers to prayer that we will see in the future. I step into this unknown with the deep trust that the All Knowing one is with me.

More than anything else, I want my boys to know that God will provide for them. He will always hear their prayers and he will always answer. He is faithful. I imagine situations where we may sit around the table, asking God for our next meal. How thrilling when it turns up on our doorstep! For a family who love adventure, this is certainly going to be one! Who knows where it will take us or what we will learn through it? I want the experience to deposit in my boys an unwavering faith in their God and a reliance on Him and not on themselves so that when they are men and fathers themselves they will be able to take new adventures for God with their families. I cannot think of anything else I would like to pass onto my children than this. May they always be ready to follow their God, whatever the cost and to trust in his infinite wisdom and faithfulness.

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