Sunday, 7 August 2011

Holidays aren't what they used to be.....

....they're better!

I NEVER EVER thought it would happen. Small children plus holidays always felt like doing the same things just in a different place, without all the usual creature comforts. It was often more stressful than being at home, and we had several holidays when the boys were small where we just gave up and came home!

This year, all that has changed. No longer in the 'small children' family age bracket, we have discovered that holidays can actually be just that - a holiday! People used to tell me it would get better - I never believed them. I just thought they had perfect children. However, we have just returned from a week away with our very imperfect children to discover that we have had fun, been refreshed, relaxed and even, dare I say it, we've had sleep! Apart from the first night, when Jonah woke up several times asking to go outside (we were camping, or rather 'glamping'); and the second night when Jared forgot to put a bedtime nappy on Jonah and he woke in the night with a wet bed (you can imagine the whispered arguments we had over that one at 2am), we actually slept. We even had lie ins (8am - yes, that really is a lie in for us!) and when they did wake up, they lay quietly in bed reading or playing on ds's until we told them it was time to get up. If you know my boys, you will know that's a miracle.

Instead of chasing around after toddlers all day, making sure they don't go in stranger's tents and help themselves to their food, I sat by the fire and read my book. Two books in fact (which is a record for me on a family holiday - usually the books are frustratingly taken home again unread). The boys played football, rode their bikes, played in the stream, made new friends and had their own adventures.

When we went out, we didn't have to take pushchairs, nappy bags, potties or any other paraphernalia. We just explored, played and had adventures that we would never have been able to have with small children. Instead of resenting it, I actually enjoyed myself (apart from the terrifying speed boat ride during which I screamed for most of the hour long trip while the boys laughed at me).

So all of you who have small children - be full of hope. Your holidays will one day be proper holidays. If it can happen to me, with my imperfect family, it can certainly happen to you.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds absolutely brilliant! I look forward to this and yet remind myself to enjoy the stage we're at!

Love your passion for boys and couldn't agree with you more.

Wild at Heart and loving my Saviour is all I want for my babes. X