Monday, 18 July 2011

Toothpaste Massacre

Mr Nobody strikes again.

Somehow, the toothpaste has been liberally smeared all over the bathroom floor, walls, the bath, the sink and the toilet. Apart from the waste of toothpaste (which I have to admit, does REALLY annoy me), it takes alot of clearing up.

Jared called together all the suspects and pointed to the crime scene.

"Who smeared this toothpaste everywhere?"

Looking at him with their most innocent faces, all three denied any knowledge. Toby was quickly eliminated from the enquiries - he is the most sensible and had not been anywhere near the scene so far that morning.

Max was the one who had discovered the incident. He was the one who alerted us to it's presence (which he certainly would not have done if he was the culprit). He was also eliminated.

So, Jonah was the last available suspect.

"Who put this toothpaste everywhere?", Jared asked him.

"I thought it was Max, but it wasn't." Jonah replied, in a quiet voice. He knew he'd been rumbled, but it's always best to try and see if you can get someone else into trouble at the same time - especially if they are your big brother.

"Who was it?"

In a desperate attempt to say the right thing without getting into trouble, he used the old favourite, "I think it was me, but it was on accident."

On accident? How can you accidently squeeze the toothpaste all over the bathroom and up the walls? How can you climb into the bath and coat it in toothpaste, by accident?!

Poor Jonah doesn't even realise we can see through his tricks. He was given a cloth and had to clean up the crime scene. I am, unsurprisingly, off to buy more toothpaste today.

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