Thursday, 28 July 2011

Things To Fight About

The summer holidays have finally dawned their long awaited, but soon to be hated, heads. Three tired boys who desperately needed to some off have argued and fought their way through this first week so far. Crazily, I have created a rule about screen time (which can change at my discretion) although when I explained this rule to Toby he declared that I had "ruined his holidays". Wow. I didn't realise that the enjoyment of holidays entirely depended on the amount of screen time, but it clearly does to a 9 year old.

Here is a list of things that have been fought about so far in our house this week. I am more than certain it will be added to throughout the holidays.

Having a door open
Having a door closed
Sitting in a certain spot on the sofa
Stealing a toy snake
Whipping with a toy snake
Cleaning teeth first (after no-one actually wanted to clean them)
Kicking a football over the fence
Using a whistle (I am so grateful to my friend, you know who you are, for providing this whistle in a party bag.)
Calling each other rude names
1 boy being left out of a game while the other 2 are apparently best of friends (for 5 minutes.)
A smaller boy invading the biggest boy's 'private space'
Which televison channel to watch
Which wii game to play
Who is going to have the controlling wii-mote

Sound familiar?

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