Friday, 20 May 2011

Friday Failures

This week has been a long week. My first week back into normal life after having my operation. Friday has finally arrived and I am very tired. Sometimes, parenting standards just cannot be kept high and in those moments we find ourselves giggling at each other as we do and say things that would most definitely be frowned upon by Supernanny! Fridays are particularly prone to this type of parenting as we are tired from the week's busy-ness. Here are a selection of today's failures for you to giggle at too.... (And at this moment, I am desperately hoping that other families also have these moments)

Friday Failure #1
Sloth-like Max finds it hard to get out of bed in the mornings. Getting up and dressed for school is always a battle and one that I could not face this morning. At 7 years old, he was being dressed by his mummy.

Friday Failure #2
After breakfast, I caught Jared saying to Max (notice the theme here?) "If you clean your teeth really well, I'll give you extra pocket money tonight." Max, who is more on the ball than Jared expected for that time in the morning, negotiated, "A pound?" His negotiation skills worked.

Friday Failure #3
The boys then discovered that they could find money underneath cupboards and behind sofas, and spent the rest of the half hour before school walking round the house with knives trying to slide coins out from difficult places.

Friday Failure #4
When Jonah arrived home from playgroup and left his shoes in the middle of the floor, I gently reminded him that they did not live there. "How about, if I put them in the cupboard, you give me a sweetie?" he said to me with his winning smile. His smile won. The sweetie he was given.

Friday Failure #5
After playing duplo and dinosaurs for far longer than my concentration span but not long enough for Jonah's, I lay on the sofa and made up voices for the dinosaurs in order to hide the fact that I actually wasn't playing anymore.

Friday Failure #5
As I am typing, Jonah is standing at the kitchen sink mixing up a concotion of PVA glue, orange juice, water, blackcurrant and who knows what else - I have no idea because I, although the adult in charge, am not actually supervising him.

Friday Failure #6
When the two big boys arrive home from school, I fully intend to sit and read my book while they play, fight, amuse themselves, watch TV, play on the wii....... I don't really care what they do as long as they don't bother me!!

I may have more Friday Failures to add to my list by the end of the day. It is, after all, only 3pm and I have yet to pick the two big boys up from school. Who knows what delights the rest of the afternoon will bring?!

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Rhoda said...

Love it my Friday failure was to let the two youngest have tortelini with red tomato sauce as the vegetable!!...the older two had Indian takeaway with me but they did have sag aloo so there was some vegetable.
I followed you from captivated