Thursday, 30 December 2010

Goals, and why I don't set them.

I am married to a man who loves goals. Thrives on them. He loves making his little (or long) lists and tick boxes, and now Toby is the same.

I, however, am quite the opposite. I hate new years resolutions, and I hate the fact that people make goals at this time of year., motivated by guilt. So, here are my reasons why I don't set any new years resolutions.

  1. They are often motivated by guilt, and produce guilt when not achieved.
  2. I do not know anyone (but am happy to be proved wrong) who has achieved all the goals they have set in any particular year.
  3. They can create legalism instead of grace-filled living.
  4. Most things that we might set as our goals are unachievable in a specific time frame, and should be aimed for during the whole of our lives and not just one year - for example healthy eating.
  5. I do not like lists.
  6. I do not like tickboxes.
  7. If you have to set goals, why not do it in March or October? Why now?
  8. I do not like hearing 'motivational' people talk about how you need to aim for something or you will hit the target of nothing.
  9. I am a realist.

I am not against change. I am not anti-improvement. I understand the need for accountability and for consistently aiming to be more like Jesus. I just do not like goals and new years resolutions.

There we go! I've said it now! I will not say it again, or is that a goal?!

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