Wednesday, 13 January 2010

More of it.

Here we are again with yet another Snow Day. I wonder if our country will ever get used to the idea that we might actually be able to function with snow on the ground. Last week, when the school re-opened, I tried that good old tactic of praising them for doing something good in the hope that they might not do something bad again. I emailed the headteacher and told them how grateful we were that the staff had made an effort to get into school and get it open. I gushed about how wonderful it was that the children could play outside in the snow with their friends. It didn't work. Today, as we woke up to yet another white blanket, the school closed. All you psychologists and parenting experts out there who say 'praise the good and ignore the bad' - it hasn't worked!!

So I am trying to have a Good Mother Day but failing terribly. With one child ill and in bed, one toddler who has to get his hands on everything, one child who only has to look at a room and it is messy and 2 nephews (because SOME people make it to work!) my task feels rather enormous. Having tried to do experiments, play games, draw and make and play in the snow this morning, I have now resorted to a DVD. I can justify it to myself though because it is 'Prince of Egypt' which is at least a Bible story!

As I look out of the window at the white flakes continuing to fall from the sky I do not have alot of hope for school opening tomorrow. I will have to instigate 'Mummy School' again and put up with the sighs and the huffing that accompanies it.


Jess said...

Oh dear. Who's ill? x

slave2boys said...

Toby, but he's made a miraculous recovery since having calpol and is now outside throwing snowballs.

Jess said...

Sorry to hear that... But glad he's feeling better! x