Saturday, 30 January 2010

It has struck me again recently that boys get such bad press, and really, sometimes they are just doing what boys do.

Boys are : Noisy
Sometimes boisterous
Full of energy
Sometimes heavy handed ("I only touched it, and it just came off in my hand.")
In need of a pecking order
Sometimes difficult to contain
Often focused

Does any of this make them 'naughty'? If it gets out of hand, then sometimes they can go too far (and I of all people know this!) but these attributes are not in and of themselves bad behaviour.

So, why is it that people would rather have a room full of little girls than a room full of little boys? Why do people, when finding out I have 3 boys, always make a comment about me having my hands full? Why is there a general feeling that little girls are lovely, kind, gentle and wonderful to be around and little boys must be avoided at all cost? Why do we expect them to be something that they are not? Why is a boy who cares for his friend and puts his arm around him called 'gay' by his other friends? Is it not at all possible that a boy can be loud and bouncy but gentle and caring all at the same time?

It upsets me that boys have this general reputation in our society as troublemakers, fighters, noise-makers, show offs and other negative attributes. How bad must it feel to be a boy who is growing up knowing that these are the things expected of boys. It grieves me that there is such a gloomy image for young boys to live up to. I so wish that our society was one that accepts boys for who they are, and trains them to be the men that they could be instead of dismissing them and writing them off at such a young age.

Boys who are noisy, full of energy, sometimes boisterous and focused on the right things can grow up into men who are charismatic, determined leaders who will lead people with love and wisdom. We need to have the right expectations of our boys, accept them as they are and train them so that they can use their exuberance for good things.

I apologise for the seriousness of this post, but it is something that I live with and battle with every day. I know that the way boys are treated today was not God's original plan when he made them. I hope I haven't offended anyone, but I needed to be honest and write down what was in my head!

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Anonymous said...

I totally understand what you mean. I am a mum of three boys and constantly get the same comments you get. I was in the shops the other day and my 2nd child who is 3 and rather friendly and a little on the loud side, decided to say hello to a little girl who was waiting with her mother and sister. As soon as he said hello, she hid and started crying and her mother immediately kept saying "its ok, its ok" and protecting my son was some kind of monster. She glared at me like i did something wrong and should be controlling my kid! My poor son felt heartbroken and asked why she wouldnt talk....of course i didnt respond what was in my heart...that obviously this mother had a perception of boys being rude and annoying and her pure little shouldnt associate with such animals ... i simply responded, maybe she is shy :)