Saturday, 9 January 2010

Act of Kindness Day (Best said in X Factor Announcement style)

What a fantastic idea, which I unfortunately did not think up! My big sister, who also has 2 boys, told me of this brainwave yesterday which we have decided to implement today. Act of Kindness Day which must be said in the X Factor voice will encourage inherently selfish children (which mine are) to think about other people.

How to do it:
Step 1: Everyone write down their name and put it in a hat. (You can also use this as sneaky writing practice for those who hate to write.)
Step 2: Everyone pick a name out of the hat. (Not their own.)
Step 3: Whoever's name you pick, you must do something kind for them that day.

What a great idea! So far we have giggled over saying "Act of Kindness Day" in funny voices over and over again, and we have picked names out of the hat. Max has decided to give me extra cuddles as his Act of Kindness. Toby has written little notes for Jared. Who knows how Jonah will decide to implement his Act of Kindness towards Max. Perhaps he will just try not to hit him and snatch things off him for the day..... but I doubt it somehow. I am not sure that an ego-centric 2 year old is quite able to join in such an activity.

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Pam said...

Aren't all children inherently selfish? And most adults too, come to think of it!