Tuesday, 1 December 2009

My world in miniature

This week Jared is away for the week. He does usually go away for a night at a time, but only a couple of times a year does he do more than that. It is always a strange time when he is away. Strange because life, in a way, becomes much simpler. I don't spend hours in the kitchen creating magical concoctions for them to eat for dinner. We don't have to find any babysitters because neither of us are going out every night of the week. I can say no to things with a legitimate excuse. All I have to focus on for that week is being a mummy.

It is also strange because of the obvious absence. Apart from the morning nose blowing noises, the banging of cupboard doors, the loud burping and 'burp talking', I do miss the noise that he creates. Everything is just really quiet. I also miss having someone to empty the bin and load the dishwasher, definitely a man's job.

The boys behave differently when Daddy is not here too. Toby assumes the role of The Man of the House. He 'helps' with Jonah, although sometimes that help is not quite appreciated by his younger brother. He tidies up without being asked in the evenings. He clears the table after tea. He really is quite a good helper when he wants to be, although when he doesn't want to be it has quite the opposite effect. Jonah has asked a few times where Daddy is, but I tell him he is at work and that seems to suffice. He hasn't worked out that Daddy shouldn't be at work when he asks me at 6 o clock in the morning! Max is missing his Daddy though. He needs his firm hand. Whilst I can provide the loving and secure home, they all need Jared to provide the leadership and we all feel the absence of that when he is away.

It makes me have total respect for single parents who do this day in and day out. I think you must be incredibly strong and brave to face parenthood on your own. I am only doing a few days and it is exhausting, not to mention having to empty the bin... ooops, I just did again...

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