Thursday, 17 December 2009

Christmassy Ramblings

Illness (mine), coupled with the usual round of Christmas parties / plays / concerts / shopping has meant that I have been slightly lax in updating my blog. These last 2 weeks of term are so unbearably busy. Do the children honestly need any more parties and hyping up? I think not. But it doesn't matter what I think, all the silliness goes ahead anyway!

The potty training experiment has gone down in history as just that. An experiment. We tried it, we cleared up lots of accidents and we put the nappy back on again! Although I felt that he was probably physically ready, on reflection I don't think he was mentally ready. He was totally freaked by the poo on the floor (which then went onto the socks and was walked across the floor - thank goodness for hard floors!) and he also hated the 'big boy' pants. He just refused to wear them. After a morning of following him in and out of the toilet, wiping poo off the floor and trying desperately to limit his hand washing time, he finally brought me a nappy and asked me to put it on him. Which I did! I will try again when the weather is warmer so he won't freeze off his little bits when he has an accident.

Despite my earlier protestings about the run up to Christmas, I am very much looking forward to it. We have a house full for most of it, which I enjoy very much, and I am very conscious that this time with the boys being small doesn't last very long. I want to enjoy it while they are still caught up with the magic and excitement of it. It won't be long before they are teenagers and shut themselves away in their room with their ds (or whatever it will be by then) and so I plan to cling on to what we have now and make the most of it!

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