Sunday, 8 November 2009


Little boys (and big boys) are fascinated by soldiers, guns, bombs and fighting. They seem to be able to make gun and bomb noises that little girls (and big girls) are unable to make. Guns can be made out of anything, even supposedly harmless items such as bananas, lego and felt tip pens can be made into weapons of mass destruction.

What is it about war that draws the attentions of boys? As a mum, I can never seem to understand how something that is so awful, so tragic, so horrific can be a fun game. Of course we go along with their games, and we even went as far as doing a Bootcamp party for Toby. We gave up a long time ago stopping them from having guns because it didn't matter how much we tried, it was a losing battle. It still doesn't make it any easier for me to understand though.

Is it that their games of war are detached from the reality of war? This morning I talked to the boys about praying for the families of those who have died in war. Max's immediate reaction was to make gun and bomb noises across the breakfast table. It was only when I told him that some little boys and girls haven't got Daddies any more because they were killed in a war, that he understood and became slightly more sober. Toby, being the sensitive boy that he is, understood and was quick to pray. Yet they still play games where they shoot and kill each other. It doesn't make sense to me! Even Jonah lies on the floor and says "I'm dead"!

My thoughts are with those families who have lost husbands, sons, Daddies and brothers. How horrific it is to lose someone you love and cherish through war. After the First and Second World Wars, how tragic it was that a whole generation of children grew up without Fathers. It is beyond my comprehension. All we can do is pray for those families, and pray that our boys will never have to witness first hand the terror and abhorrence that is war.

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