Thursday, 5 November 2009

How to greet a Lollipop Man

Apparently there is a new way to greet the lollipop man. He is a lovely old man, always there to help us across the road, even in the wind and the rain. Well, most of the time he is, but sometimes he just stands on the pavement and lets us cross by ourselves, which I will never quite understand. He always says hello to my boys though, and I try to teach them to say 'hello' and 'thank you' as he stands shielding us and protecting us from the horrors of the traffic. A true modern hero needs to be treated as such.

That's what I thought anyway, but I am clearly mistaken. Watching my boys waving a polite 'hello and thankyou' and feeling smug that I had finally taught my boys a small amount of manners, I did not take into account the unpredictable nature of a 2 year old. Not any normal 2 year old either. This is a 2 year old who studies his older brothers (aka gurus) so closely that he has perfected the art of being a dramatic, tantrum wielding, rude song singing 5 year old and a teenage-like, incessant-noise-making 8 year old.

I should not have been quite so relaxed and complacent as we crossed the road yesterday. The lollipop man calls a cheery 'hello' and waves at Jonah who is sitting in the pushchair looking as angelic as they come. What is Jonah's response? "POO FACE"!!! Feeling as though the road needed to swallow me whole, I pretended I hadn't heard (which really was quite a stupid thing to do because how can I not have heard?!) and crossed as quickly as possible.

This morning the lollipop man was not quite so cheery in his greeting to us.

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