Tuesday, 27 October 2009

"What A Mess".....

.... says Jonah as he walks into the kitchen with hands caked in mud, leaving a trail of muddy footprints behind him. Yes, i think, and you don't really care because you haven't got it clean it all up! What does he want me to do? He wants me to wash the mud off his hands so that he can go back outside and cover them in said mud yet again.

On the plus side (dare I say it?!), they are playing happily and there has not been too much screaming and arguing. This plus, however, has to be weighed up with a rather large minus which is that the downstairs of my house now looks alarmingly similar to the garden with mud, leaves, sticks and other unidentifiable objects sprawled through it. Their clothes literally do look like they have been pulled through a hedge backwards, because they probably have. Not to mention the rainwater that has made their trousers and socks wet enough to have a bath in(because whilst shoes are worn to go outside in, they somehow magically seem to leave their feet once out there and prefer to lie sedately on the grass).

So, do I keep them in and put up with their cabin fever (which is already hitting hard even though we are only on day 2 of half term) or do I let them out and spend the whole afternoon running around after them cleaning up and washing hands so that they can have a blank canvas to make yet more mess?

It's a tricky choice, but seeing as the mess-making also provides me with a small amount of peace where I can look away from the mess and pretend its not there for 5 minutes, I think I'll go with the playing outside option. This, of course, makes me sound like a good mother, but the truth is more on the 'lazy mother' side because if they were inside I would have to play with them to prevent the fighting, but whilst they are outside I can ignore them..... even if it does mean jet washing the house afterwards.

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