Monday, 19 October 2009


Having read through my last blog entry and spoken to my very honest sister, I have realised that it sounded rather judgemental and I apologise if I made anyone feel guilty about things they really should not feel guilty about! As Mums we always feel guilty about something, and I would not want to add to that at all! Neither would I want anyone to think that I have it all together, am doing a fantastic job of parenting and my boys are perfect.......because the truth is quite the opposite!!

I am going to write more later because the school run is calling me (that joyous of walks where one child screams because he is strapped in the pushchair, one child runs ahead, one lags behind and they all want to talk to me at the same time), but I wanted to make it clear as quickly as possible so that you all know I am very unfortunately not Mary Poppins and nor do I claim to be!

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