Monday, 10 November 2008

New background??

Apparently the background is too girly. My husband, Jared, said that because my blog is supposed to be about boys I should have a warrior type background. Maybe a Braveheart type army going into battle. I'm not sure. I'm still a girl, even though I have 3 boys. I am a mummy writing about boys, which is why I chose a girly background. I try hard not to lose my female identity even though I spend most of my time doing boy type activities. I would not naturally choose to spend most of my Saturday in the cold wind and rain walking up a hill or chopping trees in some woods. I would much rather read my book and snuggle up under a warm blanket. Those days will come... one day... so my mum keeps telling me!!

I think my boys need a female influence though, otherwise they will not learn to relate to women and girls. Jared is very good at teaching them to treat me well. I want my boys to grow up to be men who love, respect and cherish the women in their lives. He looks after me so well and they watch this. They see Daddy making me a cup of tea in the morning, and giving me a hug. Sometimes they giggle, or sometimes they squeeze into the middle of the hug. When they speak to me rudely or ping my bra straps (yes, they really do that to me!!), he steps in and tells them that isn't the right way to treat a girl. We want them to be gentlemen. It is so important that they have a good example in this. Dads have a big job on their hands!!

So, I digress. What do you think of the background? Shall I keep it girly? Or shall I go for the boy theme???


Eleanor said...

I think your background is great. It's got blue in it... what more do they want? ;)
By the way... If you want to get rid of the old white template that's still there go to 'change template' & click on the 'minima' one. That should make all the post bit blue & matching (not sure if that made any sense but it took me ages to figure it out on mine)
Hope you don't mind me saying that!
Eleanor x

Graham & said...

New background? No! Don't be so silly!

slave2boys said...

Which Graham are you?