Friday, 14 November 2008


Has anyone heard Beyonce's new song - 'If I were a boy'? At first I really liked it because it's quite catchy. Then I listened to the words and yet again heard how girls are better than boys, and actually girls would make better boys! How ridiculous! And how would that make a boy feel? Like a failure yet again, I suspect.

The 'discrimination' (for want of a better word....) against boys is so subtle, but so real. Girl power did so much for girls, but as girls were raised up boys have been put down. This song is proof of this. Some people might say I'm over reacting and it's just a song. Perhaps they are right, or perhaps I am right and some boys might listen to it and think that they don't know who they are anymore. If girls would make better boys, what does that mean for boys and their identity? Who are they supposed to be if they can't be themselves?

Jared has just told me that this blog is a bit one sided. I don't claim to be anything else. Who else speaks up for boys? I know that I am hugely biased because I have 3 boys and, as all parents, want the best for my children. However I also feel absolutely gutted to the core about what is happening to all boys in our society. I cry when I hear the news about what teenage boys have been up to and when I read about schools and 'systems' failing our boys. I feel so passionate that we need to help these boys be themselves, and be allowed to be real boys, before it is too late.

I'm glad Beyonce isn't a boy. I don't think she'd make a very good one.

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Steve said...

I'm glad Beyonce's a girl too!