Friday, 10 October 2008

I have recently been click happy on amazon. I managed to buy myself 3 books all about boys and on reading the first one have become quite excited. There are people out there - real, professional types - who agree with little lowly me!! I am just a mother, so really what would I know?! I would love to buy this book for our school head teacher for christmas.... but I'm not sure how well it would go down. She is a lovely lady. But very in charge (and a bit scary).

Anyway, I digress. So my books arrived yesterday and after school I decided to fling wide the back door and let the boys play in the garden so that I could engross myself in my book. Great idea, I thought. Let them burn off the tensions of the day. They'll get a bit muddy but clothes and children wash well. Everything was fine and dandy for a while and I was totally immersed in my new world of boys and how they learn. Suddenly I heard a very loud and guilty sounding laugh. Daring to poke my head out of the window I discovered that not only were they a 'bit muddy' (they were caked), but my littlest man had a hold of the hosepipe, and was swinging it round whooshing water everywhere while middle boy Max was turning the tap on so it would come out faster. I of course rushed out to turn the tap off. 'It wasn't me', Max said. Hhmmmm. After that I couldn't quite concentrate on my book.

Its all very well buying books, but I need another life to read them in. So now I am preparing myself for another weekend of noise. My husband and I will have to shout at each other if we want a conversation, or wait til the boys are in bed. I don't know why they are so noisy. I have contemplated buying a decibel measuring machine so that I can report them to environmental health. I'm not sure what they'll do about it though. Probably say its not in their remit.

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